Sure most people like to listen to podcasts about True Crime, Current Affairs or Celebrity Gossip. But not you… you want to know: “if robots can think yet?” That’s why these are the podcasts for you…

Photo by Ryan Quintal on Unsplash

This eerie map of the world’s air quality shows just how big our planet’s Nitrogen Dioxide problem has gotten. Now Dyson have made an Atlas to show people just how widespread the problem is…

A global atlas of the world’s NO2 pollution | Image ©Descartes Labs

In 1993 NASA’s brightest minds were forced to concede defeat. They’d confronted a problem that even they couldn’t find a solution to: The wind. While trying to harness one of earth’s most volatile elements to power a future Mars rover, they were blown back to the US by the untameable gusts of Chile’s Atacama Desert. But where NASA failed, O-Wind was born…


Every great invention of the modern age needed a patent to protect it from copycats. We’ve gathered some of the most interesting documents in the history of invention.

From the catchy tune your laptop plays as you wake it to the sharp bleating of a freezer door that’s been left open. Our technology is constantly communicating with us. But do we really understand the full extent of their usefulness?

They way we spend money is changing. Less people use hard monetary currency than ever before and more transactions happen digitally every day. Does this mean the end for money?

Does the new Apple Card contactless payment system finally mean cash is dead? | Photography Apple

The incredible true story of how a bird watcher’s love of the natural world helped to solve an engineering problem plaguing the urban heart of Tokyo: the Bullet Train’s sonic boom headache.

From Gutenberg to Adobe’s invention of the PDF (and beyond)— how the world of publishing went from zero to 1 million-mph…

Photo by Water Journal on Unsplash

Cinemas hate Netflix. For years these gate keepers to the spectacular fantasies cooked up by Hollywood had it good. When a blockbuster was released there was only one place you could watch it. But as the film industry seemed to run out of ideas, streaming services like Netflix decided they’d start making films, not just buying them. Now the best new films and TV aren’t being made by big studios — and cinema owners are very unhappy.

Photo by Kosta Bratsos on Unsplash

A recent study has found that everyday chemicals used in kitchen and bathroom cleaning products are now responsible for more air pollution than traffic. Here’s what you need to know about what you’re breathing…

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